About Us

Keep My Heart Beating Fundraiser: Elmo's Heart Transplant

My doctors are working hard to keep me alive by giving me life saving medicines such as Dobutamine which keeps my heart pumping through a pump i wear 24/7.  Your generous donation will go toward paying the myriad of expenses associated with the heart transplant including the huge co-payment required in order to get the heart transplant.  My insurance is paying for the majority of my expenses but it doesn't cover everything.  And the portion of the finances which are my responsible are way too much for most people, especially a normal person like me..  I need help.  I need you.  

The Giveaway

The exciting part about helping me is that I have created a giveaway in order to give back to all the people who are helping me.  Many companies have come to my aid and we have over 40 musical instruments to giveaway in a raffle.  Everyone who gives $50 or more will receive the chance to win one of over 40 musical instruments!  Some of these musical instruments include a Rav Vast Drum and 10 custom handpans with a hard case to protect it and a custom mural by the legendary artist Pam Gogh!

How Can you help?

You can help me by sharing my fundraiser on social media, telling your friends , co-workers and family members and by donating to help me reach my goal to pay off all my medical expenses and get the heart transplant.

You can link to the indiegogo fundraiser here:

Or if you would like to give directly to me you can press the donate button below.
Thank you for showing me love during this very difficult time and helping to save my life!